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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Goa is the smallest state of India. Formerly a Portuguese colony ,Goa was liberated on 19th December 1961.When you think of Goa, the first thought that comes to your mind is about the golden beaches, the tempting fragrance of fish and Feni..... wow!! Goa is a small but beautiful state populated with loving and caring people. Every visitor gets a warm welcome , making them feel at home. Goa's traditional drink is Feni. Feni is prepared by extracting cashew juice and later processing it. It has high medicinal value. Feni is also consumed as liquor and has a lot of demand in other states. A visit to Goa is incomplete without getting a taste of feni.
Apart from temples and churches another valued asset of Goa are the beaches. You can soothe your senses lying around or have a dip in the sea(Except during high tide or as the guide instructs!!). Amusements such as para gliding, boating keep you entertained throughout. To get a glimpse of ancient Goa , a trip to "Big Foot" at lotulim is a must. A perfect picture of ancient Goa, the people and their traditions. if we compare , it is so different from what it is today. Small state tours are made available for tourists to get a view of some important Goan destinations. Apart from these destinations there are many other spots worth visiting.
As for food Goan cuisine is often referred to as the "EAST-MEETS-WEST" cuisine. "Fish-Curry-Rice" combo is the most relished one. Prawn curry prepared with lady fingers is one of my favourites!! You can try it out too!! Kingfish, Pomfret, Crabs, Chonak(tasty one), modso are some more. Martins Corner is one of the best restaurants where you can get a real taste of Goan food ,Goan music and Goan ambience as well..!! ( ) Crabs butter garlic is also a favourite. As for entertainment the Goan cruise service is well known. Santa Monica ,Royal Cruise , Larco Bento are some of them. For casino lovers, Goa is the right place. This is some "very little" about Goa. Keep reading  and let me come up with some more exciting places worth visiting in Goa! If you love travel, food and drink ....then friends you have hit the right place !! See u tomorrow!!  

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