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Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting around in Goa!

Getting around in Goa is not at all difficult.You have a lot of options to choose from depending on your budget and comfort.The people around are friendly and always ready to help.This does not mean that you should avoid being careful and also exploit local hospitality.Goa being a popular tourist destination,transport service plays a vital role to help this industry grow.

Following are the options:

Getting around by Bicycle

Goa is a beautiful state with lots of greenery ,spice plantations,villages and temples and churches and of course coastal routes and beaches.So bicycle is a good option for people who love to ride.

If you want a quality bicycle it is worth carrying your own.How ever be careful about thefts.
Hiring is another option but getting a good bicycle is not so easy.This is easily available option in most of the beach areas.

But i suggest if your stay is going to be a long one say 2 or 3 months then its better to buy one.

Getting around by motorcycle taxis

Goa is the only state in India where you have the option to hire a licensed two wheeled taxi.These motorcycle taxi riders are popularly known as pilots.The licensed ones ride black motorbikes with yellow mudguards.

You will find them at important points in towns and cities.They are a quick means of transport and best for short distances.However,please negotiate the fare in advance to be on the safer side and avoid any confusion.

Getting around by rented scooters and motorcycles

This is the best option if you love to ride a bike or scooter.It is also very cost effective.If you want to move around the place,follow the parties,check out interior places and different restaurants or at times go to the city, I bet this is the best option.

One needs to provide ones id proof like Passport, a refundable deposit and stay details while renting a bike.

You should carry your driving license and it also better to carry a copy of insurance of the bike and evidence of rental to avoid problems with cops.Rental rates vary depending on the season and type of bike.

Getting around by Auto rickshaws

This is a good option for short trips and is cheaper than a taxi. An auto rickshaw is a yellow-and-black three-wheeled vehicle powered by a noisy engine. It has a canopy, a driver up front and seats up to three passengers behind.

These run by the meter and charge per kilometer. You will find them at important points in towns and cities including bus stands and railway stations.

Getting around by rented cars
Both self and chauffeur-driven cars are available on rent in Goa.To find this,its best to go to any travel agency or your hotel desk.Typical cost for 1 day sightseeing with chauffeur ranges from INR 800 to 1500 depending on the type of car.You can also opt for self drive option and weekly rental instead of daily.

Getting around by taxis 

Taxis too are a common sight on the roads of Goa. The taxis in Goa are recognized by their distinctive black and yellow colour. 

The taxis here don't run on meter,hence it is better to negotiate and fix the fare before hand. Fare can vary depending on the amount of luggage.

Getting around by Buses

This is the cheapest option and is a unique experience.Since most of the roads are motorable,travel by bus becomes comfortable. Buses in Goa are operated both by the state and private corporations. The Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) is the state government's bus service.They also run 25 seater buses called as shuttle service connecting major routes like Panaji,Margao and Vasco.

Please check out the time of the last bus as most of the buses don't run after 9.00 pm.

Getting around by Ferry boat

These are on flat-bottomed passenger/vehicle ferries used to travel across rivers.Its an unique experience to travel with locals.

Ferries have been commuting people across waters for decades, but of late are gradually being put out of business by bridge-building projects.

 The most frequented river crossings in Goa are Panaji to Betim, across the Mandovi (every 15 minutes); Old Goa to Divar Island (every 15 minutes); Querim to Terekhol over Tiracol river (every 30 minutes) and Cavelossim to Assolna (every 20 to 30 minutes).

That's all my friends! Hope this helps you getting around Goa with ease. Join me tomorrow for some more interesting topics about Goa. Till then Ciao!

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