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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Goan Handicrafts are one of the most valuable assets of Goa. They are mostly made of natural material available such as clay ,seashells , coconut , palm leaves, pebbles ,bamboo, etc. Handicrafts are available in various forms , right from show pieces to hair clips , spoons ,etc all made from the above mentioned resources.

The creative and ethnic nature of these handicrafts surpass many expensive items of the present age. Unique Goan history is depicted clearly through these handicrafts. Apart from the materials mentioned above, wood, lacquer, jute, fabric and stone are also used to create some truly exquisite works of art.

Some of the art and craft items include colorful masks, wooden toys, jute bags, chandeliers, sea shell mirrors, bamboo craft, Crochet and embroidery, Artistic weaving, hand-painted ceramics, Azulejos, papier-mâche craft, etc.

Azulejos are a typical form of Portuguese or Spanish painted, tin-glazed, ceramic tile work. This art was introduced in Portugal, via Spain, by the Moors (Muslims), who had learned the craft from the Persians.

Papier-mâche (French for 'chewed-up paper'), sometimes called paper-mache, is a substance that consists of pieces of paper.

It is sometimes reinforced with textiles and fixed together using a wet paste (e.g. glue, starch, or wallpaper adhesive). The crafted object becomes solid when the paste dries.Beautiful artifacts of papier-mâche are sold in various beach markets of Anjuna and Baga.

These beautiful handicrafts are available at various shops across the state.

To buy this authentic piece of Goan art at the most reasonable price you may visit the showroom of APARANT , a Government of Goa undertaking. It has its outlets at various places across the state. One outlet is right in the heart of Panjim city Near Tourist Hostel.


So the next time you visit Goa , do not miss the opportunity of visiting the handicraft emporiums and above all carry a souvenir of Goa back home! Hope you enjoyed this handicraft tour! Meet you tomorrow, till then Ciao! 


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