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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today I am going to tell you about the famous and popular traditional drink of Goa..FENI also known as FENNY...u should definitely experience this if you happen to visit Goa.

Feni is synonymous with Goa just as much as Scotch is synonymous with Scotland, Tequila with Mexico, or Champagne with France!
It has a strong aroma and can get you drunk in no time...

There are 2 types of feni that are originally from Goa.....Cashew feni and Coconut feni.
Cashew feni is distilled from the juice of the cashew apples, whereas Coconut Feni is distilled from the toddy collected from the coconut trees.


This feni is more popular as compared to coconut feni.The process of making the cashew feni is very tedious and involves great amount of effort. First, the cashew apples are crushed manually.This juice generated is collected in an earthen pot which is then buried deep inside the ground and allowed to ferment. 

During fermentation, 4% of the juice gets transformed into alcohol. This juice is then collected in copper pots and distilled. During distillation process the juice is heated and the alcohol vapors are collected in a cooling condenser.

 The distillation process is repeated three times. The first fraction of distilled juice that is obtained is known as Urrack or Hurrak. This is less strong and less intoxicating.Best to have it with lime soda and lots of ice.

The second fraction of distillate is known as Cazulo which is slightly stronger than Urrack. Cazulo is not so popular, hence not sold in market. 

The third and final fraction that is distilled is known as Feni.This is very strong and highly intoxicating.
Feni has a long shelf life and the more it is left to mature,the better it is.Feni has a strong distinct aroma which also determines its quality.

It is best to have it neat but some people also like to dilute it with lime juice or soda water.A popular cocktail is also made from feni and served in most of the restaurants in Goa.It is bottled and sold in all wine shops. Price varies from INR 100 to 600, depending on the quality and maturity.

So if you happen to visit Goa,dont miss to taste this drink and enjoy the beauty more by getting intoxicated....However if you are a person who does not enjoy alcohol then you could enjoy cashew apple juice which is called as Niro..However its a seasonal drink..and is available from late March upto May. 

So without wasting anytime just book your flight to Goa and enjoy the taste of this refreshing traditional drink "FENI"...............Thats all for now .....Happy Weekend ! Ciao ! Au revoir!! :)

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  1. Useful it..i will try Fenny...thks